Sunday, November 12, 2006

Someone, Please, Ask Bush to Define "Nexus" At His Next News Conference

Posted by olvlzl.

W.House brands Iran, Hezbollah as terror "nexus"

aving been among those predicting that Bush would try to start a third war during his last days in office, this doesn't bode well. Looks like they're still thinking about attacking Iran. What is it about these Republicans? Did they think that things could just go back to the way they were last week?

Ending the Bush Wars is the first priority of the Democratic Majority, exposing the lies that got us into Iraq and the media that sold the American People those lies should play a prominent role in the earliest days of the new Congress. Nothing else can be done until that is stopped. We had better forget about "cleaning up the mess" because there is absolutely no way that the mess can be cleaned up. Once Bush invaded, toppled the standing government that was the only thing holding Iraq together and putting idiots from the Republican establishment in charge - Paul Bremer belongs in the dock at the Hague - the bloodbath was guranteed and unavoidable.

Americans need to learn a lesson before these foreign adventures destroy us. We have limited ability to control what happens in other countries around the world. Yes, we can overthrow a government, yes we can destabilize a country but we seldom can control what comes afterwards. That was the real lesson of Vietnam, Cambodia,... and now Iraq. It all looks so simple when it's abstracted by those with slight knowledge, the neo-cons and other university based fantasists. It's all so much more complicated than they have time to think about between meetings, luncheons and speaking engagements. The blood spilled has a way of being just too real.