Friday, November 10, 2006

The Sensible Center

I've got this thing in my throat. I keep gagging and it will NOT come up. Mostly because the traditional media keeps poking it back down there, "it" being the new myth that is being created right now: The Democrats MUST go to the center because Americans are conservatives. This is the only sensible approach to the horrible and negative victory the Democratic party somehow accidentally gained. Otherwise disaster will follow as surely as night follows day.

Do you remember a similar campaign telling the wingnuts that all will be lost if they choose to rule from the extreme right wing of their base? Neither do I.

Of course the Democrats must try to engage moderate Republicans, of course. But the same urgings were not applied in reverse. The wingnuts were allowed to stomp and reap wherever they wanted. Why are different rules applied to the Democrats?

I'm grumpy, because I'm not allowed to enjoy this honeymoon we have all so vastly deserved in peace.

Added later: Come to think of it, where are the exhortations to the Republicans to move more towards the center? They lost, after all.