Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's Scary Thought

From Buzzflash:

This is crystal clear: the President and his Administration have a war fever mentality that is unprecedented in American history.

It is true: they are using the fear argument of World War III to seek to win yet another election.

But this is more true, and more dangerous: the President and the Vice-President believe it, and will do it. Along with Karl Rove their ambition is so vast that is it nothing less than a Manifest Destiny for the Republican Party, and their vision of centralized statist power, concentrating total power in the hands of one faction, of one party, ruled by one person.

And how many of the wingnuts who run the war-hungry campaign would actually sign up to fight in this war? Very few, I suspect. I also doubt that George Bush would want to be remembered as the president who started World War III. And start it he would do, because I really can't see the United States and its allies vs. the Islamic terrorists as a world war. Just think of the population numbers on each side, and you realize how silly this characterization is, unless you decide that all Muslims are Islamic terrorists but then you might as well get hired writing Bush's war speeches, and you'd also be complicit in starting WW III. (Now that's a nice slithering sentence.)

To remind you of the bumper sticker I invented:

Got Fear? Republicans Do.