Monday, July 17, 2006

It's About Time

For some serious money to be injected into the Democratic politics:

An alliance of nearly a hundred of the nation's wealthiest donors is roiling Democratic political circles, directing more than $50 million in the past nine months to liberal think tanks and advocacy groups in what organizers say is the first installment of a long-term campaign to compete more aggressively against conservatives.

A year after its founding, Democracy Alliance has followed up on its pledge to become a major power in the liberal movement. It has lavished millions on groups that have been willing to submit to its extensive screening process and its demands for secrecy.

These include the Center for American Progress, a think tank with an unabashed partisan edge, as well as Media Matters for America, which tracks what it sees as conservative bias in the news media. Several alliance donors are negotiating a major investment in Air America, a liberal talk-radio network.

But the large checks and demanding style wielded by Democracy Alliance organizers in recent months have caused unease among Washington's community of Democratic-linked organizations. The alliance has required organizations that receive its endorsement to sign agreements shielding the identity of donors. Public interest groups said the alliance represents a large source of undisclosed and unaccountable political influence.

It's true about the undisclosed and unaccountable political influence. Isn't it great? It's in the American tradition of trying to buy the best democracy available.

That was a semijoke. I'd rather see a political system where money can't buy influence, but until we get such a system it's probably better to have at least some Democratic influence, too, however tainted. The conservatives have been doing all this crap for eons.

(Do I look decisive and divine in this outfit? Do I look like someone deserving of a little bit of funding to cover the food bills and the vet bills? Do I?)