Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eight Random Things About Me

This is one of those bugs that goes around on the internet: people tagging you with a question that you are supposed to answer or else... Just kidding on that last part, though I always find these quizzes frightening. But this time I was tagged by Blue Wind on a day when Blogger has been down (for about twenty hours) and when, instead of working on my articles and so on, I've been fuming about Blogger being down. So I have nothing substantial to post yet. Answering the quiz lets me do some writing, at least.

The idea is to list eight random things about me. The "me" will have to be the human incarnation of Echidne as there is nothing random about goddesses. Here I go:

1. I have a nose.

2. It's still blocked.

3. Chocolate tastes funny with a blocked nose.

4. I'm often facetious.

5. I forgot to plant the alpine strawberries I bought and they may be dead. Or ultracrisp varieties of strawberry. Just in case the latter is true I made a plant hospital on the northern side of a fence and played nurse with the strawberries there.

6. So far they have not responded to my tender care.

7. I'm frequently very boring.

8. I found out today that I can put my big toes into my eye sockets. Here's how you can do the same: Sit on the floor or some other hard surface. Make a diamond shape with your legs: place the bottoms of your feet together, as if they were doing the Buddhist prayer, and then press your knees hard down against the floor. This requires some flexibility, so if you find yourself screaming at this stage, stop the experiment. Next, while holding your feet together with your hands, bend your body forewards until your head touches your big toes. Then manipulate them into your eye sockets.

It feels weird.