Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crisp, All Crisp!

George Bush wants the information that he gets to be crisp. At first I thought he was talking about a hunger for British potato chips which are called crisps (say that aloud). I mean, how can information be served crisply? Images of tap-dancing aides with lovely punchlines also came to mind. But then I got further clarification:

In the same six-minute, three-question exchange with reporters, the President used a word that provoked much head-scratching, even among some in the White House. Here's what the President said when asked about the plan for Bolten to succeed Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. on April 15: "I told Josh that he is — will organize the White House in such a way that he is comfortable with and that meets my needs. And my needs are to have good, crisp information so I can make decisions on behalf of the American people." He went on to say that the administration had "functioned very effectively under Andy Card, by the way."

The interesting word there is "crisp." Just what did he mean, and what is he missing now? Several people familiar with the President's thinking said he despises tangents and long-winded briefings and people who try cover their rears in a swath of verbiage and baloney. He wants "brief, to-the-point" information, said one person who often gives it. The implicit contrast with some on the current team was clear.

This is something that every student can now use to their advantage! A short and superficial exam answer is...crisp! Even this blog is mostly...crisp! Crispity for everyone.