Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How to Act At A Funeral

Democrats just don't know how to act. Coretta Scott King's funeral was a clear example of that. Democrats are so uncouth that they bring up the political beliefs of the deceased person at the funeral! They TALK about that!

I'm so glad that the Republicans know how to behave at a funeral:

Republicans even know how to act after the funeral. Here is Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: We've got a little office pool going on here, folks, and I wanted to share it with you, regarding the funeral. First, when's it going to end? The other things that we're looking at -- who's in the house? You've got Bill Clinton, you've got the Reverend Jackson, and you have Teddy Kennedy, and those are just the known culprits. I'm sure that there are others who fit the mold. They're all in the House. So here's the little office pool that we have going here. Here you might want to have your own version of this in your office or your home today. The end of the funeral, when it's all over, how many women will be picked up? The next question we're asking ourselves, how many babies will be born nine months from today? I mean, you've got Bill Clinton in there; you've got Jesse Jackson and Teddy Kennedy -- and the next question we're asking, "Will a car fail to negotiate a bridge somewhere in Georgia late tonight, and if so, who will have been driving?"