Monday, January 09, 2006

Today's Word: Dignity

Do you think this came down from the top wingnuts, too? George Bush's speech on the Alito hearings started like this:

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I just had breakfast with Judge Alito. I told him I think he conducted himself with such dignity and class in the weeks leading up to the confirmation process, which begins today.

What did he expect Alito to do? Throw somersaults? And what is this reference to "class"? I thought all the rich wingnuts were totally opposed to class warfare.

Then Atrios posted this, also in the context of Alito hearings:

Miles O'Brien, just now:

The Senate is a dignified place, but there's also talk about a filibuster. How dignified could that be?

I have become allergic to "dignity" because the anti-feminists, especially the radical religious clerics, love to talk about the "dignity of women". That is what they promise to us, in lieu of equality and fairness and being treated like a human being. I'm not sure what they mean by "dignity" but I suppose it's that pedestal stuff, in payment for agreeing to be submissive.

But why is dignity brought out in the context of the Alito nomination? The only explanation I can think of is an attempt to forestall filibustering by the Democrats.