Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Comments-Gate at Washington Post

Jane Hamsher gives a good summary on recent events in this interesting and fascinating scandal, having to do with Washington Post's decision to side with the wingnuts and against real journalistic principles of truthful reporting.

I have two posts on this frontpage that list several of the supposedly disgusting comments. You can decide for yourself if you think that ALL the comments should have been deleted.

The Comments-Gate is just an attempt not to speak about the true scandal here: that reporters and pundits who should know better have decided to frame the Abramoff scandal of corruption and bribery as a fair one, a bipartisan one, one that equally hurts the Democratic party. When this cannot be done by facts alone then interpretation is added to make the outcome what was wanted. Hence we hear that "Abramoff and his clients" donated money to Democrats, when it was only the clients, the Indian tribes, who are known to have donated money to the Democratic party, not Abramoff himself, and when the donations of the Indian tribes to Democrats actually declined from the pre-Abramoff era!

It could be the case that future research finds more Democratic involvement in the scandal. Could be. But until there is evidence to support this argument the media pundits should not make such an assertion. It used to be called lying when I was a child.