Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Real Hot 100

This is today's alert from feministing.com:

Know a younger woman that's breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes, and making a difference in their community or the nation? Nominate her today for the REAL hot 100*!

What is the REAL hot 100?

We're tired of the media telling young women how to be "hot"! The
REAL hot 100 shows that young women are "hot" for reasons beyond their
ability to pose provocatively in a magazine. REALLY hot women are
smart. REALLY hot women work for change. REALLY hot women aren't
afraid to speak their minds. And while some REALLY hot women might
look awesome in a bikini, they know that's not all they have to offer.

The REAL hot 100 will compile a list of young women who are REALLY
hot, and publish it, in magazine format, in June 2006. Anyone can
nominate a young woman who is REALLY hot, and the REAL hot 100
selection committee will choose 100 women that best represent the
intelligence, drive and diversity of young women in the U.S.

By nominating a REALLY hot woman, not only will you help battle the
popular notion that all young women have to offer is their ability to
appeal to men, but you are also helping highlight the important--but
often overlooked--work young women are doing are doing for their
communities and the nation as a whole.

Visit www.therealhot100.org today and nominate a REALLY hot woman you know!

*The Real hot 100 is sponsored by Girls in Government,
Feministing.com, and the Younger Women's Task Force. Want to be a
REAL hot 100 supporter? Visit our website or email