Thursday, November 03, 2005

No Filibuster for Scalito?

Ben Nelson thinks Alito is just a dandy guy. Nelson is one of those so-called moderate Democrats (wingnuts-on-a-diet). He is part of the 'Gang of Fourteen', the people in the middle who decide if a filibuster would work or not. Of course, Nelson will never need to worry about whether he will need an abortion or whether he will be regarded as property of his wife.

So will Scalito be filibustered? It all depends on what the politicians think the consequences are. Politicians are one of the most frightened species on earth, especially the Democratic type, and they will not do anything that might make the mythical undecided voter angry. This is in sharp contrast to the wingnut variant of the species: they are also very afraid but this time of their base. Who would blame them, really. We, the Democratic base, are kind and intelligent people who would never torture someone. They, the Republican base, are...wingnuts.

But I do think that the Democratic base has been ignored for far too long, and if we don't get some attention soon we might just not turn up to vote in 2006.