Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush's Nominees

They are an interesting bunch of people, always changing like chameleons, slippery like snakes (no offense to mine). They are neither wingnuts, except when they are, nor moonbats (what liberals are called in the right-wing circles), except that they might one day grow wings for the purpose of circling the moon. We just never know what we are getting, or so it seems to the mainstream media.

Now Samuel Alito has eaten his words about being anti-abortion. It was all such a long time ago, in 1985, and, besides, he was just applying for a job:

Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., said Alito told him in a 20-minute meeting that he should not be judged on the basis of the job application he wrote in 1985 to become deputy assistant to then-Attorney General Ed Meese.

"He said that was 20 years ago and that was a job application and that since then he's written many cases, or several cases that involve the issue and that he thinks to the extent that people are judging him on his views on that issue, they ought to do it on the basis of those decisions he's written since he's been on the court," said Bingaman.

So let me get this clear: It's ok to change ones mind when it is about job applications? Hmmm. And what is it that Alito is doing right now? Applying for a job?

Nah, he is a wingnut, even if wrapped up in a pretty legal paper.

You might remember that I recently blogged on another Bush nominee, Ellen Sauerbrey. She is an anti-abortionist with no experience in running offices for refugees but that is what she will do if appointed:
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes this week on the confirmation of Ellen Sauerbrey to head the state department program on population, refugees, and migration. She's another Republican hack/Bush crony in the mold of Michael Brown, and the office is essentially FEMA on an international scale. If Sauerbrey's nomination is confirmed, the consequences will be disastrous, particularly for the fight against AIDS in Africa. On the positive side, Sauerbrey is so obviously and grossly unqualified that there's real ammunition to block her confirmation...if we raise enough hell.

You can take action against the Sauerbrey appointment by clicking on this link.