Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Molly Explains It

Molly Ivins is not only an excellent writer. She also has this ability to cut through a complicated subject like a hot knife through butter. Suddenly it's all clear and easy to understand. It's not a common talent and she should get more exposure than she's getting right now.

For an example of Molly's skill, read her take on the media and the Downing Street memos. To whet your appetite, this is how she finishes:

I don't know if these memos represent an impeachable offense -- although I must say, I don't want to bring up the Clinton comparison again. But they strike me as a hell of lot worse than anything Richard Nixon ever contemplated. He used the government for petty political vindictiveness. Heck, I'd settle for that again, over what we're looking at now.

The irony of Deep Throat surfacing after all these years in the midst of this memo mess is almost too precious. Does The Washington Post have any hungry young reporters on Metro anymore? I'd say, start with: Who did Dearlove meet with besides George Tenet?