Wednesday, April 20, 2005

They Just Don't Get It #6

This is my series of those ever-so-minor things that feminists notice. Like the sensitive princess feels the pea through forty-eight mattresses, I can smell sexism through the internets.

Here is a comment I read yesterday:

I generally don't listen to female artists. Nothing against women in music, it's just that the music they produce rarely does anything for me.

I could understand this statement if all women in music were in one type of music, say jazz or hiphop or classical. But the only unifying aspect here seems to be the performers' sex. Something about being a woman causes this man not to like the female artists.

Hmmm. Let's check. Suppose that I said: "Igenerallydon'tlistentoblackartistsnothing againstblacksinmusicit'sjustthatthemusictheyproducerarelydoesanythingforme."

I think this one fails the no-sexism test.