Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday's (Disgusting) Dog Blogging

How the mighty are fallen! That's me, and not only because I'm actually listening to Republican crap today. The larger reason is as follows:

I walked the dogs this morning at sunrise as usual in the local park. "Walking" here is a euphemism for the two dogs barking the last two miles in the car before the park entrance and for them then to fly out like bats out of hell, for me to look for them the longest of times and then to finally spot them on the other side of the wilderness rolling in dead squirrels. I do this every morning so there's nothing new about any of this. What was different this time was that I was late so I went to the park clad in my fancy duds and carrying a handbag (imagine a goddess with a handbag...).

Anyway, the dogs pooped as is also the custom and I picked the poops up (a good liberal here) with some recycled plastic bags. Then I put the bags in my handbag and forgot about them.

This afternoon I stopped at the supermarket for some food. At the checkout I had trouble finding my wallet in the bag and while rummaging in there one of the plastic bags broke (I think). When I finally managed to locate the wallet and triumphantly bring it to the bored cashier's attention it was covered with shit.

There is a deeper significance to this chain of events, and I am going to meditate on it now.