Friday, July 30, 2004


They are beautiful birds, aren't they? I read somewhere that certain types of swallows don't use their feet to climb into a nest but need a landing pad. This is probably not true, but I like the idea of kamikaze birds crashing on their pads with a nice juicy worm in their beaks.

The term also has other meanings, of course. Like 'to swallow', which you do while eating and drinking if you're a human, or when someone makes you accept something that makes your inner rebel scream and kick wildly. So in this sense some people have had to swallow Kerry's speech which was a really good speech. It covered almost all the important points and didn't sound at all wimpy. In fact, it sounded mature, insightful and strong. And he kicked Republican ass which I enjoyed very much.

Whether anyone outside the Convention or those who watched or listened to the few still-free media outlets will agree depends on many factors, including how much KoolAid the journalists have swallowed and how well they can distract the country with something else when the secret bitter pill is sneaked down our throats (Kerry is a flip-flopper! Look here: a terrorist has been captured! Tax rebates! Death taxes! The end of civilization as we know it!)

I went to Chicago on my recent vacation. Chicago has lovely flower arrangements all over the place and a fun set of twin fountains which spray water from holographic faces. Children and goddesses and snakes can play in the water, so we all had a good time. Then we went souvenir shopping. I had a hard time choosing between a bright orange cowboy hat with a zebra-patterned rim and a t-shirt which stated:"Swallow. Bitch. Swallow." with corresponding pictures of the intended animals. Just in case the buyer didn't get that the t-shirt has nothing to do with hatred of women, noooh.
And if you think so, you can't swallow even the tiniest, weeniest kind of joke.

In case you're interested I chose the orange cowboy hat. It's going to make a charming present for Ares if I ever find him.