Friday, April 16, 2004

Sean P. O'Malley and the Winds of Change in the Catholic Church

He is the new archbishop of the Catholics in Boston. He was picked for the job after all the sexual molestation trouble the church had had. He's the Clean-up Man, and he has started cleaning. What he is vacuuming away are individualism, materialism and the culture of death. Culture of death is Catholic-speak for being pro-choice.

He also doesn't like the baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1966. Maybe they will be sucked up next into the church's big dustbag? This is what he said about this lost generation:

"The most educated and affluent group in US history," he said, "are heirs to Woodstock, the drug culture, the sexual revolution, feminism, the breakdown of authority, and divorce. Typically, they are religious illiterates, but they are interested. Not big on dogmas. My karma ran over my dogma could be their motto."(Bolds mine.)

Feminism is listed together with all sorts interesting things, drug culture and the breakdown of authority and divorce. The archbishop thinks that equality of the sexes is a bad thing, I gather. And a whole generation of 'the most educated' Americans are religious illiterates. But he didn't say a single word about the sexual abuse of minors.

Elsewhere, rumors are rife that the Vatican is going to limit the use of altar girls. Too many girls want to serve, and not enough boys. To correct this gender imbalance, quotas are going to be put on the girls. See, the church IS interested in gender equity, after all, though of course it has its own ideas of what equity should look like. I wonder what the Virgin would do? Hmmm.

Is this a wind of change blowing? Or the same old northwind that has spread out the churchmen's dresses for centuries?