Friday, December 19, 2003

Lingerie Cup?

The Lingerie Bowl seems to be shrinking. Kelli told me about the news that Chrysler-Dodge has decided to pull out as the main promoter. Cowards as they are. Also

Proceeds from the event were originally due to benefit the American Foundation for AIDS (news - web sites) Research, but it too severed ties with the game.

I hope that they find a better event to benefit them, but I am glad that they pulled out of this one.

But this looks suspicious:

A source close to Chrysler said conservative lobbying groups had flooded the company's e-mail system with complaints about the upcoming spectacle.

Conservative lobbying groups, my divine ass! They were all echidneites, of course!

Oh no, there's more! Guess who's willing to come to the aid of the ailing Lingerie Bowl?

For the right price, we, the EIB Network, are willing to step in and sponsor the Lingerie Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. They probably can't meet our perks, but we'll try.

The patron saint of the Irremediably Idiotic: Rush Limbaugh!
My original story on the Lingerie Bowl has now slipped into the December archives.