Friday, April 28, 2017

Trump's Gift to the Women of the World: More War, Fewer Rights

Our Dear Leader began his reign by returning the global gag rule, expanded to many more fields.  That will teach those sluts not to avoid their proper roles which is to have as many children as their lords and masters decree, even if that kills them. 

But our Dear Leader is generous, so the women of the poorer countries get a second present:

...Foreign Policy revealed plans by the president to strip all funding from a State Department bureau dedicated to promoting women’s advancement in developing countries. According to documents released to Foreign Policy, Trump’s proposed budget plan would eliminate funding for the Office of Global Women’s Issues by 2018. In order to make room for more military spending, the plan would also eliminate USAID’s budget for working with blind children and 95 percent of funds allotted to the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

This is utterly stupid, even if one is a determined misogynist like Donald Trump.  Too fast population growth rates in poor countries contribute to the migrant floods into Europe, too fast population growth rates in poor countries contribute to periodic episodes of starvation and to local unrest and violence, because the limited land resources cannot adequately support the rising populations, and that causes increased competition for resources.

And not supporting women's education and greater independence exacerbates all the problems that the US has struggled with, including radical Islamism.

As one of those interviewed in the quoted article states:

“It’s clear that women’s empowerment and gender equality are on the chopping block in this budget”
And yet many Republican women voted for him.


Added later:  Ivanka's projects are intended to be the front which covers what is happening behind the stage where the fundie patriarchs are decimating women's rights.  Ivanka is not wrong, but what she is doing is a bit like dressing a starving and very sick woman in a designer dress while not treating her illness or giving her food.