Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOW. On When Magazine Covers Show Generic Women


The things I learn by going through my posts for 2012 (so far) all in a row!  This is the way a woman gets on the cover of a general interest magazine in the United States of America, anno 2012:

Added later, some text which is most likely not necessary.

Note that these are generic women.  Not individual women when the story is about that individual.  Do these magazines use generic men this way on the covers?  To highlight a story about the trouble of, say, working men?  Fathers?

The answer is a firm and resounding no, naturally.  Because men are the default gender, women are the other, and it's perfectly acceptable to discuss the other as an outside group. 

Then note the baits.  They are all about women's proper roles, where those might be found and what they consist of.  Also, wimmenz are always in deep shit about everything.