Monday, March 07, 2011

The End Justifies the Means? Forced Birthers and Planned Parenthood

From Politico about a week ago:
Susan B. Anthony List today launched a $200,000 campaign in defense of several members of Congress, thanking them for their vote to help defund Planned Parenthood.

"Hear this?," says the announcer in the spot, playing a clip of a recent conservative sting operation. "That's the sound of a Planned Parenthood staffer caught on video giving advice on how to get a 14 year old rape victim an abortion without alerting the authorities."
It is a radio campaign. The voice continues, and this is a real problem:
And it's happening at Planned Parenthood offices across the country.
Shamefully, Planned Parenthood's been using your tax dollars to help spread their disgusting message.
Until now.
Bolds are mine. Because that sentence is a lie. And I write about it today because some of my friends heard it on their car radio this morning.

This campaign is part of the current Republican war on women. It has to do with the pretend-pimp videos of the wingnuts. They tried many Planned Parenthood clinics and found one where the staffer told them that sorry, she couldn't really help them at Planned Parenthood with such young girls, what with the other people being such prigs, but she could write a different number for them to contact, wink-wink.

That staffer was immediately fired. The video-makers themselves failed to find others giving that advice, despite trying at least twelve sites, and the clinics they contacted all informed the authorities as they are supposed to do.

The forced-birthers want to kill Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions, they say. But of course Planned Parenthood also offers many other health services, including cancer screenings and check-ups. What is especially interesting about the message of this particular forced-birth group is that they argue they are protecting women by trying to get Planned Parenthood defunded.

Well, it's not interesting. It's the most recent strategy, and seems to be having some impact even among the Supremes. Those poor wimminz don't know what they are doing so we must help them by determining what they can do. But it's really part of the war on women.