Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1/3rd (by res ipsa loquitur)

I don't know enough about Indian politics to know whether this proposal is genuinely pro-woman or back-door anti-Muslim (or anti-upper caste or some other classification), but can you imagine the s#$tstorm if a similar constitutional amendment was proposed in the U.S.? NYT: Uproar in India Over Quota for Female Lawmakers:
The upper house of India's Parliament passed a bill Tuesday that would amend the Constitution to reserve one-third of the seats in India’s national and state legislatures for women, after the measure stirred two days of political chaos that could whittle the governing coalition’s majority to a dangerously thin margin.
Uproar, indeed. Update: I was thinking more about this and wondering where an outfit like, say, Concerned Women for America would come down on such a proposal.