Monday, January 25, 2010

Utterly Hilarious

This whole piece is full of bwahahas. Examples:

Mr. McCain, a Republican from Arizona, said on the CBS news program "Face the Nation" that President Obama should sit down with Republican leaders and begin adopting some of their ideas for improving the nation's health care system such as overhauling medical malpractice lawsuits, allowing residents of one state to buy health insurance from a company in another state, and granting tax credits for people who purchase health insurance on their own.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are not an important reason for high health care costs. Allowing residents of one state to buy health insurance from another state means that all firms migrate to the state with the laxest regulations and that is bad for the consumers. Tax credits are useless for people who don't earn enough, and those are the people who have the most trouble finding affordable coverage.

Still, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press," said that in the wake of the Democrats' defeat in the Massachusetts Senate race, "my hope is that the current bill is finished."

"The American people are telling us please stop trying to pass this," he said.

He faulted Mr. Obama for pursuing during his first year a single-mindedly liberal path in running the country rather than trying to engage moderates.

"The president made a decision to go hard left," he said. "That's why he doesn't have many of my members. If he chooses to govern in the middle, I think he'll have much broader cooperation from Republicans."

I'm laughing so hard it hurts. Senator McConnell is lying about everything in that quote. Bipartisanship, bwahaha.