Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Shallow Thought

I figured out why I find the Super Bowl discussion so annoying on some extra personal level, and this is why:

Here you have this great celebration of masculine sports, all focused on traditional masculine characteristics. Everyone is supposed to be watching because this sports event is not just about guys playing with an oval object but about the country, its spirit, its inner meaning and so on.

Then at half-time an ad comes up telling how women should behave to be viewed as good. In the past, the half-time ads have told us how women should behave to be viewed as bad in a good way: Show more ass and tits, as they would say.

It is jarring.
I forgot about the traditional role for women in this extravaganza: As cheer-leaders. The whole thing is an ode to the old-fashioned patriarchy, really.