Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stuff That Might Interest You. Including Krugman On Public Option.

1. Would you like to participate in a study that looks at attitudes concerning mothers and feminism? If so, check the study and its requirements out here. I have no connection with the study and only post the information here as a public service.

2. Every homeless pigeon has a home somewhere. Thus, John Stossel joins his clones at Fox. How nice. Too bad that the other side of the political aisle never takes care of its mouthpieces. Nooo, we are supposed to sink or swim in the cold waves of the free market, while the free market acolytes are tucked into safe beds at conservative think tanks and Fox News and Washington Times. I have never quite understood that.

3. This piece by Paul Krugman on why the public option matters is still worth reading. Because the reason is not that it's some sort of a fetish of the mad, mad left.