Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Eye-Patch Duvall

Is a guy who likes to joke about his "sexual conquests." He's also a Fambly Values Republican legislator in California and has sex with lobbyists. That would be people who try to influence him. The eye patch refers to the way he describes one lobbyist's underwear.

Having sex with lobbyists seems kinda unethical to me, but what do I know. The reason I'm writing about this is Duvall's obvious belief that talking about his sexual "conquests" is perfectly AOK, that there's nothing odd about being all for conservative family values and at the same time boasting about the number of scalps (or whatever) he has managed to gather on his adventures.

I'm trying to imagine a reversal to this story, a female legislator boasting about the number of male lobbyists with thongs or whatever. Maybe in another thousand years.
Addendum: It finally occurred to me (and Moe before me) that we have no actual proof of any of this philandering happening. Just Mr. Duvall's say-so.