Monday, February 09, 2009

The Stimulus, The Republican Party And Wimmenfolk

Funny. Watching political pundits makes me almost completely convinced that the whole stimulus bill is dripping with pork fat. This is probably because the programs tend to over-sample right-wingers as guests (for obnoxious reasons) and because the pundits themselves have suddenly become watchdogs about the government.

But a recent opinion poll shows that Americans rather like Obama's stimulus bill:

A new Gallup poll shows that President Obama is continuing to enjoy high approval in handling the economic stimulus debate -- and his brand is solidly beating the Congressional Republicans, too.

The numbers: Obama has a 67% approval and only 25% disapproval on how he's handled the stimulus bill, compared to Congressional Republicans' 31% approval and very high 58% disapproval.

I'm not sure if they like the new lean-and-mean version (with loads of tax cuts pork) better than the original one. I do not. Check out the things the Republicans managed to cut out. Many of them would have helped women directly. So it goes.