Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spider Nets

A recent feminist conference had a presentation of the feminist blog community based on incoming and outgoing links. It's kind of interesting, though of no normative meaning*. Here's a frozen picture of this blog and its connections (click on it to make the picture larger). The red lines are blogs which link here, the yellow lines are from this blog out, and green lines show mutual link-love.

If you go to the above link you can play with the map yourself and find out the names of the other blogs and everybody's spider nets. I found some good blogs that I had not known about before. On the other hand, I'm not sure how much readers actually use the blogrolls in general. Neither am I sure if blogroll linkages are a good way to find out who actually talks to whom. I'm a bit of a social hermit, for example. Also, I hate updating the blogroll so I keep putting that chore off.

From a purely selfish angle it was nice to see this blog listed in the top thirty feminist blogs, because I do work my divine tail off for it.
*Meaning that this system doesn't tell us which blogs are good and that it doesn't tell us which blogs have loads of readers and it doesn't necessarily tell us what a feminist blog is or should be and whether all types of feminist blogs are included in the initial sweep and whether institutional websites should be classed as blogs and so on.