Sunday, February 01, 2009

Prokofiev in February

There’s something about February, the lengthening afternoons, the still long and broody nights, that always make me think of Prokofiev’s wartime works. Therein lies a tale and if I could find the notebook it was written in I’d tell it. Maybe some other time.

Fenwick Smith is a very great flute player, a great musician. If there is anyone who has found deeper depths to the instrument and its literature, I’d love to hear them. This You Tube of Smith and Olga Klun playing Prokofiev’s Sonata for Flute and Piano isn’t the best quality recording but the performance is about as good as you’re likely to find.

Movement 1, Moderato

Movement 2, Scherzo

Movement 3, Andante

Movement 4, Allegro con Brio

There are other good performances on You Tube with better recordings but this is the best performance.

And here’s a 1963 recording of Sviatoslav Richter playing Brahms Intermezzo op. 118, no 6.

Posted by Anthony McCarthy