Monday, February 02, 2009

Get Laid Airlines

Spirit Airlines uses an advertising campaign which trades on the sexuality of its female staff:

One ad features a large-busted blond woman with M.I.L.F. in huge letters above her and the Spirit version—Many Islands Low Fares—in much smaller type below. Right.

Other Spirit ads assert: "We're proud of our DDs." That's "deep discounts."

When I visited the site the ad shown was:
Airfares to

It's an odd campaign, apparently aimed at heterosexual male customers (and lesbian women?). I'm not sure if the women working for Spirit Airlines have been asked about their willingness to be used this way. Note that the customers reacting to these sexual baits might think that it would be OK to make passes at the female crew.

An odd juxtaposition, this piece and the recent heroism of the crew of the plane that fell into the Hudson river.