Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some Very Odd Ads

I keep getting that woman who blows up and slims down and blows up and slims down until I think I will puke any minute. Then the text says that you can slim down and boost libido with just one simple pill! But would that pill ever stop from blowing my body up and shrinking it down? I still feel dizzy from having it blink on that site.

Other odd ads: An advertisement for car insurance which consists of a dancing skeleton! I'd like some of what the creators of that ad were imbibing.

And the recent hiring ad for a site which connects you with workers. The ad shows lots of people scurrying to and fro, as they would be seen from above, at a very high distance. Which means that I thought the picture was about bugs and moths crawling and creeping and skittering, and my first reaction was to squash them flat.

Of course I may not be in the target group for those ads. But still.