Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shallow Thought For The Day

I write too much. My brain-box sounds hollow when tapped today. Even my demons are asleep. This means that you, my sweet and erudite readers (as well as honored trolls) get mostly fluff today. Like the bumper sticker I saw recently:

I will hug your elephant if you will kiss my ass.

Funny, eh? It's relevant, because bipartisanship usually means the reverse: Doing things the wingnut way, and that's why we are seeing more and more demands for bipartisanship now that the Republicans are no longer in absolute power, which they used to seed the nonpolitical appointments in the Department of Justice with only conservatives, say. Now that was the kind of bipartisanship the Republicans like: Both parties working for their benefit, together, while singing Kumbaya.

Of course Reid sorta agrees with the wingnuts. And so does Hoyer. Only dirty fucking hippies disagree with that polite definition of bipartisanship.