Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin can go to feminist hell (by Suzie)

for all I care. I know we're supposed to speak well of the dead. (Unless you're Bob Somerby talking about Tim Russert.) But the very fact that someone is down -- and DEAD -- makes it a lot easier to kick him. (I can't recall where I stole that joke; maybe it's from Carlin himself.) 
        Check out Carlin on the hilarity of rape jokes, including the idea that men commit rape because they're horny and can't get sex any other way. He also got laughs about “Eskimo rape,” before the recent publicity over the high rate of rape among indigenous women in Alaska.
       In his popular bit named "Feminist Blowjob," he say: "It doesn't take a lot of imagination to piss off feminists." He says we attack "fat-ass housewives." We attack men and yet act like men with our "pointless careerism." We are mostly white, middle-class women who "don't give a shit" about women of color. We blow stuff out of proportion, and we take ourselves too seriously. (Did I hear "Bingo"?)
        Like a lot of people, Carlin confused state censorship with individuals who prefer not to be maligned or misrepresented. He criticized feminists for wanting to control language and to tell people what to think. But he had strong opinions, and he used language in hopes of getting people to believe as he did.