Thursday, June 26, 2008

Distractions And Wolcott's Take on Cohen

I went to James Wolcott's blog at the Vanity Fair to read what he had to say about Richard Cohen's column discussing why the media loves John McCain and never ever says anything nasty about him. This is what Wolcott had to say:

Really, it's a shame we even bother fussing over the looming troubles confronting this country when we could just let "character" be the seeing-eye dog that guides us. McCain's positions on abortion, Supreme Court picks, military action against Iraq, Social Security privatization?--mere trifles. "A presidential race is only incidentally about issues," Cohen informs us, thus reaffirming Bob Somerby's in Daily Howler that Beltway pundits are engaged in an epic bout of metacriticism, reviewing the novel that they themselves are writing, a cartoon travesty starring fictionalized versions of Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, et al that double as voodoo dolls. There's no intellectual floor to their petty maraudings. It's novels all the way down.

Which really means that the media loves McCain and in any case it's all opera criticism.

I'm sure I had something deeper and more insightful to say about all this before I counted the number of plump breasts in the Vanity Fair ads on the right side of the blog. Two naked women and a couple of half-dressed ones, with urgings to watch a slide show of them. No naked men for me at all. Not even one stray chest hair!

Of course I'm a hardened blogger who doesn't let such ads affect her. But it's fascinating to note what the magazine thinks might sell.

P.S. You might not get the same ads but the plump breasts seem to stick.