Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Post About Why No Posts On The Iraq Occupation

I often feel guilty about my silence on that topic. The silence is firmly founded on facts, however. The whole escapade is a clusterfuck. Once you swat a wasps' nest, the wasps come out and you can't just put them back, and interfering in the politics of a country without any real understanding of its history is very much like swatting a wasps' nest, without a backup plan about how to get the hell out of there.

In short, all avenues I can imagine are littered with bloody corpses, and the only workable solution is to pick the avenue with the fewest corpses, assuming that we can figure out which one that is.

And yes, women in Iraq have certainly not been liberated by the U.S. invasion, though many of them have been "liberated" from their husbands as there are now many, many widows there.

Sigh. I don't envy the U.S. administration which has the task of sorting it all out, assuming that the voters are wise enough to choose such an administration instead of one who wants to monger more war.