Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reactions from the Right to Romney's Speech

I haven't seen the transcript yet, so I can't comment on the speech itself. But I found these reactions by the ladies of the right interesting. First Kate O'Beirne:

I predict it will get rave reviews. Mitt Romney, who sure looked presidential, explained effectively that he is a man of faith who is committed to America's values. He was sure-footed and polished as usual but appeared today to be fighting back strong emotions when he talked about American exceptionalism.

Then Mona Charen:

That was perhaps the best political speech of the year. It was well-crafted and delivered with conviction and — this is unusual for Romney — considerable emotion. I thought his contrast of the empty cathedrals of Europe with the violent jihadis was particularly adroit. He managed to make this a speech about patriotism as much as about religion. Brilliant.

Sounds like fan clubs for bands, does it not (well, except for those references to American exceptionalism, empty European cathedrals and violent jihad)? I have been lax on that front, but from now on I will gush and fawn over all Democratic candidates and their deeds.