Friday, October 26, 2007

From My Mailbag

I received this e-mail today:

Many men are sending us testimonials describing their changed life:

"I used to feel really ashamed because of my small dick size and avoided sexual contacts with women. Thanks for creating such an amazing product. My sexual life is getting better every day reflecting on every aspect of my life as I feel self-confident now".

Matt, Mobile.

Don't put off your happy life, order our Cock Growth Patch today.

I'm going to order the Cock Growth Patch and see if I can grow one, too. Where should I put it, though? The living-room window, perhaps?

More seriously, this advertisement is an example of the way our anxieties are mined for the purposes of making money. I see it much more often with products intended for women, but when it comes to the groin area men are probably the majority of the anxious marketplace.