Saturday, November 18, 2006

True Crime or Victor Is That You?

Posted by olvlzl.

According to police, two men walked out of the Victoria’s Secret store in Newington, New Hampshire with approximately 80 bras, worth about $26.50 each, inside their jackets last Thursday. Working in tandem with another man who distracted the clerk but not some other customers, they stuffed the bras under their coats and walked off with them. Apparently the customers didn’t find this behavior alarming enough to call attention to it. Maybe that’s not unusual behavior at Victoria’s Secret?

Anyway, Police, who expressed little hope of catching the braglars, speculate they might show up laundered on e-bay. I think they could be overlooking a potentially vital clue, though. The employee said that the thief who distracted her was a man who had “large hair” “Pulled back in a ponytail.” This might indicate that far from intending to sell the hot bras, the group stealing them had needs. Needs that went far beyond their means. Or maybe shyness.

The store employees declined to reveal the color or type of bras stolen. Though professional ethics weren't cited in their refusal.

Update: I found a link to the story, for those who want to keep abreast of it.