Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More on Kate O'Beirne's New Book

O'Beirne is an anti-feminist who would love other women to go back and live in the middle ages. She herself would go on as before, though, taking advantage of all the improvements in women's lives that feminism has offered while pissing on the feminists. In a dainty and ladylike fashion, natch.

I still haven't read her book. In fact, I need to be paid to do that and none of my dear readers has offered to buy me the book and give me, say, hundred smackers, for reading it. I may be a masochist but I'm not crazy, so no money, no review. But I can write about what others are doing with the book.

Jane Hamsher:

And it was a worse day to be Kate O'Beirne. While I'm sure her publisher was screaming at Amazon to delete all the one-star reviews like they did for Malkin, Amazon obviously felt Kate was too B-list to bother with, hence they now have some paid, thick-witted trolls churning out 5-star reviews. It also looks like somebody dropped a huge chunk of change buying back books to try to prop up sales. That is just awesome. Every dime some wingnut welfare think tank spends trying to save Kate's wreched face is money they don't spend wiping out condom use in Africa or finding new ways to snatch food out of the mouths of the homeless. Digby reminds us of just what a beast Kate and her ilk are, and C&L documents the amusing position Kate now finds herself in vis-a-vis Brokeback Mountain.

Pardon me while I go and laugh. I'm so happy not to feel all alone when it comes to the bashing of anti-feminist tomes.

And Digby reminds us of something I didn't know: that Katie was mesmerized by our Dear Leader's codpiece:

O'BEIRNE: When I heard that he grew up jumping rope with the girls in his neighborhood, I knew everything I needed to know about Bill Clinton. There's no contest between Clinton and Bush on masculinity. Bill Clinton couldn't credibly wear jogging shorts, and look at George Bush in that flight suit.

Hilariously funny.

As I mentioned, I haven't read the book but in an interview about the book O'Beirne said that the wage gap between the sexes is a myth. How nice for me. I spent years studying economics to be able to analyze the wage gap and its constituent parts, and O'Beirne solves the problem with just a few words! Puff! No more wage gap, because Katie has told us so. Who needs economists? Just kick them all out.

If you'd like me to do so I can write about the gender gap in earnings and about why it exists. But O'Beirne is wrong in saying that all of it can be explained by women having children. Indeed, most studies leave the majority of the gap unexplained by this.