Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Laura Ingraham on the Plame Affair

Laura Ingraham has the honor of having written the worst book I actually forced myself to read to the very end, the one on Hilary Clinton. It has a chapter about what Hilary would say about New Age religions if she was a New Ager! In the same vein, Ingraham has made some weighty comments on who it was who outed Valerie Plame. According to our Laura it was Valerie Plame herself! Yes, indeed:

INGRAHAM: I don't necessarily think they're changing the goal posts. But I can probably talk about why [special prosecutor] Patrick Fitzgerald might be calling him back. I mean, he might be calling Karl Rove back because Fitzgerald has learned more information that might either conflict with something that Rove said to him earlier or might add to something Rove said, and he wants to ask him about it.

That's how grand juries operate. And I don't think it's necessarily good news for Karl Rove that he's been called back for a fourth time. But I don't think you conclude anything from that, either.

I think for Kirsten to say he's outed Valerie Plame -- Valerie Plame, the last time I checked out with her, she was on the -- in Valerie -- in Vanity Fair with her scarf and her sunglasses on.


HANNITY: All right, Laura, by the way --

INGRAHAM: That was a great picture.
HANNITY: -- welcome back. We're glad you're feeling better.

As Media Matters for America notes the Novak article which outed Plame was published on July 14, 2003. The photograph of Valerie Plame in Vanity Fair was published in January, 2004.

But I am glad that Ingraham is feeling better. And probably she was just joking here, but once she feels better she is a fair target for my desperate search for something interesting to write.