Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Stolen Quote

I nicked this one from SWR in the Eschaton comments. It's just so perfect for describing the differences in the way the U.S. and the British media treat the leaders of the respective countries:

Ted Koppel actually did a pretty good segment on the differences between the British and the American press last week.

It was *very* enlightening.

British Reporter: Oh come on Mr. Prime Minster Wanker. You simply have not answered the bloody question. Fess up. You lied.

American Reporter (quivering with fear in the presence of Dear Leader): I would like to apologize in advance for being unAmerican and objectively pro Islamofascist, but would you please tell us why (unbenknownst to your magnificent self of course), some of our troops don't have sufficient body armor?