Monday, November 08, 2004

Taking Back Some Power

The "winner-takes-all" principle of American politics leaves the loser without any power at all. All the votes for Kerry are null and void now, not only those in the so-called red states, but also those in the states that Kerry won. Almost half of all votes were for Kerry, but none of these votes matter now.

This idiotic rule leaves the opposition pretty much without any political influence. The administration will not push any of the policies that almost fifty percent of us wanted, and the administration will not listen to us. The people that have their ear are the corporations and the radical fundamentalist Christians.

So how can we get some of our power back? There is not much one can do about the fundamentalists. They live in a world of Rapture and if I approached them with the view of a friendly debate they'd most likely burn me on a stake. That leaves the corporations. We can't talk to them, either, but what we can do is make sure that our money doesn't go to corporations which guaranteed Bush for another four years.

What I'm advocating is selective shopping. Stop supporting those who got us into this mess. At least cut out the worst of the firms and let them get their money from the fundamentalists. I know that this will not be easy to do, but whenever there is a good Democratic alternative we should support it, especially in larger purchases.

Here is one good link to get the idea going: spending liberally. I'm going to look for more lists of corporations that love Bush.