Monday, November 08, 2004

Some More Irregularities In the Election

This is a very interesting website. It links to the sources for the data as well, and the data comes from proper state sources. If these original data are correct, then clearly something is wrong. Who knows?

Added: As many of you can't read the file I linked to (though I can, for some reason), I'm copying a little of it here:

There have been several emails regarding this page. I will be inquiring to Cuyahoga County in the coming days. It seems that the precinct/ward differences may be where the problem is as the official summary report does not show these spikes in turn-out.
The summary, however, does not report on the number of registered voters for precincts or wards, whereas the referenced link does. I am using the referenced link data below (more complete totals), not the summary report, which only reflects total districts.
Each precinct in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Highlighted areas represent 90% (very VERY unlikely) and higher (up to 1160.78%) voter TURN-OUT! 30 are above 100%
Calculated from data on county page -
(Ballots Cast/Registered Voters) * 100 = % turn out.
Ballots Cast SHOULD NEVER be more than Registered, thus % should NEVER be higher than 100%
This amounts to 97,489 EXTRA votes beyond 100% in those precincts! This is just for ONE county!

As an example or two:

The number of registered voters in Beachwood was 9943.
The ballots cast in Beachwood were 13, 939.
This gives a turnout rate 140%

The number of registered voters in Bedford Heights was 8,142.
The ballots cast in Bedford Heights were 13, 512.
This gives a turnout rate of 166%
What this means I don't know, except that the files are wrong, obviously. Whether it's because voter registrations are not correctly reported or because votes are not correctly reported or something else, I have no idea. But I do smell a skunk, somewhere.