Monday, November 08, 2004

No Comment

I sometimes go to to find out what the enemies have to say. Their boards are especially enlightening to those who believe misogyny doesn't exist. This time I just looked at the main page, though. Among ads for screensavers which showed an extremely big-breasted woman with two strips of material across her nipples and an ad for singles dating showing a woman with a bare stomach was an article about the election results. Some snippets:
A lot has been written since the election about how Democrats just don't get it, but the truth is that it is not just Democrats but liberals, regardless of party affiliation, who are befuddled by the recent repudiation of their agenda. Two statements following the election results prove the point.
The first is Sen. Arlen Specter's "warning" to President Bush not to send any "out of the mainstream" judges to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. We'll get back to that one.
The second statement came from washed-up New York pol (now an analyst for Fox News) Geraldine Ferraro. In the typical, dismissive fashion of a liberal analyzing why the "progressive" agenda lost — again — Ms. Ferraro look at that sea of red across America and said, "But look at those blue states! The country is nothing without them!"
Could there be a clearer expression of Northeastern liberal elitism than that? She went on to say that the blue states have all the great universities, cultural centers, business interests, etc., implying that we who populate the red states are backward, uneducated morons who reside in flyover country.
The visceral disdain of elites toward traditional conservative values informed by a Christian worldview is as blatant as we have seen it in our lifetime. Even after being soundly defeated at the polls, American liberals in both parties still believe that only those who share their "enlightened" point of view need apply — especially when it comes to the judiciary.
As Democrats strategize themselves into political oblivion trying to learn "the language of faith," liberal Republicans like Specter present a two-fold problem. First, they can create real obstacles in the president's efforts to defend traditional, pro-family values; and second, Democrats love to quote them. How many times have you heard Chuck Schumer say things like, "Even respected, moderate Republicans like Arlen Specter think the president's agenda is too radical"?

Heh. Not only is the idea of moral values a little confusing on this website but now the wingnuts are beginning to feast on their own. Well, that was the next predictable step anyway: to cleanse (term chosen on purpose) the party of those who are not wingnuts.

You know, this would be fun to watch if real people didn't die and suffer as a consequence. Other than that little problem, the next four years can provide me enough material to write satire until the cows come home.