Thursday, June 29, 2017

This is Wonderful. Michelle Goldberg on Trump's Raw Sexism

I laughed aloud a few times while reading her:

But Trump appears to be feeling a lot of strain. He’s obsessed with the Russia probe, and a recent Washington Post story reported that his friends “privately worry about his health, noting that he appears to have gained weight in recent months and that the darkness around his eyes reveals his stress.” When you’re under pressure, it can be harder to hide your true self. And Trump’s true self is a pig.

Do read Goldberg's whole take on this morning's Trump tweets about nasty women.  I strongly agree with this, by the way:

I’m not sure that even well-intentioned men understand how relentlessly degrading this presidency is for many women. Having a man who does not recognize the humanity of more than half the population in a position of such power is a daily insult; it never really goes away.
For a nice collation of Trump's views on women, check out this Media Matters post, and for a refreshingly different Republican take, check out Ana Navarro's comments.