Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Women's Marches

Were yuuuge!  Bigly!   Beautiful, as our Dear Leader would say.  Not sad!

The pictures at the New York Times, taken of marches all over this country and in other countries are proof of those adjectives.  Every continent was covered, even Antarctica.  The total numbers are hard to estimate, but I believe that at least three million marched in the US alone.  And the marches were joyous and peaceful.

There is a time for critical dissections and analysis, and I'm a goddess of analysis by both basic nature and training.  But there is also a time to grab that righteous emotion, that love, that anger, that coming together as one giant circle of friends,  and today is that time.  Time to feel that we are not alone, time to know that we are not alone, time to organize for the future.  Time to be heard.

Trump's inaugural speech (possibly written by the white male supremacist Bannon?) referred to Trump's concept of neglected Americans. I have heard several experts state that the many women and men and children who marched today are not the usual crowd who turns up for political rallies.  These are people who may never have marched before, people who have woken up because of Donald Trump.  And these are people who will NOT stay neglected by his administration, however much Trump might wish they do.

Here is a collection of the best signs people spotted in the various marches.