Saturday, January 28, 2017

Some Fun After Week One of Das Trump Reich

1.  The Dutch have made a video for Trump.  It says:  "We know America will be first, but, please, can the Netherlands be second?"

2.   This reversal of the signing of the global gag rule is fun in that warped world I sometimes inhabit.  Fun to imagine the reactions to the signing of the global bill against Sperm Waste:

3.  More fun stuff here.

4.  The new soul of America is embodied in this man, Stephen Bannon of the Alt Right*, the Rasputin behind Trump's throne

5.  Finally, two political cats discuss Trump:

Orange cat: "Trump has destroyed the reputation of us orange critters by breaking the world.  How can I ever hold my head up again?"

Grey cat: "Don't worry, mate.  #notallorangecritters."

Orange cat: "And I do have nine lives, unlike those poor humans."

Grey cat:  "Four.  Four lives left."

Orange cat: "Four?  I count at least five left."

Grey cat: "Remember how you jumped from the neighbor's roof to attack his van and missed?"

Orange cat: "That was Trump attacking Mexico."


* Alt Right is politically correct speech for white male anti-Jewish supremacist