Friday, January 13, 2017

Do Not Normalize The Trump Administration: The Case Of Chuck Johnson, Twitter Troll Extraordinaire

Do any of you remember the famous Twitter troll, Chuck Johnson?  He was so bad by doxxing people* and by  telling his acolyte trolls to harass and threaten people that he was finally permanently banned by Twitter.  And that takes some doing.

Ah, I remember him well, and that's because many of his tweets were the most out-and-out woman-hating, black-hating, Jew-hating tweets I ever came across.  Sadly, I didn't screen-cap them.

Why would I regret that?  Well, now he is among the powers that rule over us!

Would you have believed, say, two years, ago, that the white male supremacists in 2017 will be advising the incoming president on who to appoint to his team?

But that's where we are:

Charles “Chuck” Johnson, a controversial blogger and conservative online personality, has been pushing for various political appointees to serve under Donald Trump, according to multiple sources close to the President-elect’s transition team. While Johnson does not have a formal position, FORBES has learned that he is working behind the scenes with members of the transition team’s executive committee, including billionaire Trump donor Peter Thiel, to recommend, vet and give something of a seal of approval to potential nominees from the so-called "alt-right." 
In the months leading up to the election, Johnson, 28, used social media and his website to stump for the President-elect while also publishing misinformation on Trump’s detractors. Now, Johnson is helping to pick some of the leaders who may run the country for the next four years.

I'm sure Trump will be the president for all Americans when he gets advice from the likes of Chuck Johnson.  To see what Johnson thinks of blacks and of Jews, check out this Southern Poverty Law Center article.  Be forewarned:  It's not pretty.

The morale of this post:  DO NOT NORMALIZE THE TRUMP ERA.  RESIST.


* By publishing the names and addresses of all sorts of people on Twitter.  In several cases the individuals thus treated had to leave their homes because of the threats of violence they received.  In at least one, and possibly two cases, the names given belonged to individuals who had nothing to do with whatever Johnson was fuming about, but who were still harassed and threatened.