Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Quick Election Thoughts

Now this is fascinating:  According to Think Progress (and my own eyes) the official website of the Republican Party has nothing about Donald Trump.  The invisible candidate?

That must feel very awkward for the traditional Republicans. As if someone had stolen your chair, your name and your principles and there's very little you can do, because the thefts didn't break any law.  But attempts to regain all that property would interfere with the idea that votes matter, even in Republican primaries.

That's historic, in a sense, but not so historic as Hillary Clinton's position as the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.  Because of that woman thing,*
which requires a much deeper post than I can write today.  But stay tuned, as they say.

*  And that older women thing Joan Walsh writes about, the idea that women's votes somehow don't matter as much once they pass forty or their fuckability sell-by-date, whichever comes earlier. 

I spotted that subtext, too, and even a slight hint that older men's votes don't really count, either,  while following the Democratic primaries.  All votes should count equally.

Still, the  invisibility of older women as anything but grandmothers is in the air we all breathe and it even colors politics.  Though if we get an older woman president, who knows what might happen!