Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Mars Hill: The Church of Misogyny and Homophobia Which Will Not Die.

Ten years ago I wrote* about Mark Driscoll, a Christian preacher with a new cool thing:  To combine the subjugation of women and the hatred of gays and Lesbians with tattoos and popular music and stuff while going otherwise all Christian.  I then revisited the Mars Hill church two years ago, and wrote:

I sometimes suspect (fairly often, actually) that one big draw of extremist literal interpretations of Islam, Christianity and Judaism is the very literal permissions the holy books give to hate on women and to control women and to state that gods want women subjugated.  That is, I think some people, especially misogynists, are drawn to those interpretations because they sanctify their unpleasant bundles of feelings about women and sex and give permission to hate on women.  All this could work in the reverse direction, naturally, so that someone who finds the literal God or Allah then just realizes that now he or she must hate on women and build them tiny little corrals in which they can breed for the purposes of one sire.  The reverse direction seems more likely to me. 
Well, time moves on and with it Driscoll's fortunes.  His old megachurch is now history, but he is starting again in Arizona:

But as Driscoll’s star rose, he was dogged by allegations from church members and pastors as well as from outsiders—of bullying and spiritual abuse, misogyny and homophobia, plagiarism, and misuse of church funds, just to name a few. In 2014, after being asked to submit to a reconciliation plan proposed by the church board he organized, Driscoll quit.
Now, barely a year later and 1,000 miles away, Driscoll is back.
That reminds me of the old Finnish saw:  What would kill an evil one?  God doesn't want him/her** and the Devil is in no hurry.

Mmm.  So I went there. It seems quite likely to me that the devil would appear in preacher's garb.  If you believe in gods and devils and such.  And the Devil would have good laugh after reading about yet another megachurch of that type.


*  My direct quotes indeed are too long.  I shall repent and try to do better from now on.

**  Finnish doesn't distinguish gender in the third person singular, so I have to add that clunky bit in my translation.